Student Theses

Further Informations about student theses at the ITSM

Possible topics for student research projects can be requested directly from our research associates. Below you will find a list of our subject areas with the corresponding contact persons. Since some of our research associates are working in two subject areas, these persons are listed twice.

Subject Area
Contact Person
(type of work, N: numerical, E: experimental)
Aeromechanics Michaela Beierl (N)
Christopher Fuhrer (N)
Maiken Günther (E)
Nikola Kovachev (N, E)
Stefan Schippling (N, E)
Arthur Zobel (N,E)
Steam Turbines and Wet Steam Philipp Doll (E)
Christopher Fuhrer (N)
Stefan Schippling (N, E)
Radial Turbomachines Michaela Beierl (N)
Christopher Fuhrer (N)
Nikola Kovachev (N, E)
Arthur Zobel (N, E)
Diffusor Flow Maximilian Bauer (E)
Anastassia Fomina (N)
Simon Hummel (N)
Manuel Ernesto Maqueo Martinez (E)
Others Fabian Müller (E)
Damian Vogt (N, E)

Additional contact persons


Further contact persons, e.g. for courses, can be found at the following page:

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